supporting kids through the process
supporting kids through the process

what we do


The Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County provides a safe place to come for information. We help families sort out information and learn where to begin when child abuse occurs. We provide community outreach through training and partnerships with local organizations dedicated to child advocacy.


We provide forensic interviews and case management, and we partner with local and state-based professionals who are dedicated to protecting your children and grandchildren.

Forensic Interviews

The Center coordinates and conducts forensic interviews of children who are alleged victims of child abuse or who have witnessed a crime. The goal of the interview is to obtain the facts from the child in a neutral, non-leading manner, making use of the Center's Interview Specialist's training and expertise. The interviews assist law enforcement and social services in abuse investigations. After the interview, a team of professionals discuss the case and decide how to manage it. The Center continues to track each child through regular case reviews until there is full resolution.

Case Management

The Case Management component ensures that child victims and non-offending family members do not fall through the cracks. Initial evaluations and regular case reviews are provided by our collaborating partners and include:

  • Victim and family advocacy
  • Shared communication and case coordination with Child Advocacy Team professionals
  • Referrals to medical and mental health services