information for teens

did you know?

A number of studies have found that adolescents with a history of child sexual abuse demonstrate a three to fourfold increase in rates of substance abuse/dependence.

You may be coming to The Child Advocacy Center because of concerns about possible abuse. The main concern of The Child Advocacy Center is ensuring the safety of the children and teenagers that we serve. The following is a list of some questions that you may have about The Child Advocacy Center.

How many times do I have to tell my story?

Ideally just one time. When you go to The Child Advocacy Center, your interview will be recorded. This helps the investigators by giving them a record of everything that you say so that they can remember without having to ask you again. If your case goes to court you may have to testify, but you will be assigned a Victim Advocate who will help you with that process.

Who will I be talking to?

You will be interviewed by a trained Forensic Interviewer. The Forensic Interviewer is not a police officer or a social worker. The Interviewer's job is to talk to kids and teenagers about different things that happen. The Interviewer's role is to gather information while making you feel as comfortable as possible. The Interviewer is not going to force you to talk about anything that you aren't ready to talk about.

Who is going to watch the interview?

Only people who are directly involved in the investigation are allowed to observe the interview. Your parents will not be able to watch the interview at the Center, but they will come to the Center and be there if you need them.

Who is going to know about the interview?

Everything that happens at The Child Advocacy Center is private. That means that no one except for your parents and the professionals involved in your case even know that you will be there.

Am I in trouble?

Absolutely not. The Child Advocacy Center is a safe place for children and teenagers. There will be police officers at the interview, but they are there to make sure that you are safe.